Code of conduct: Important Information on the Opening of the Golf Course on May 11, 2020

The Munich Aschheim Golf Park has prepared for the reopening of the course and can meet hygiene and code of conduct requirements at all times. We have developed guidelines and regulations for the use of the course for health protection (COVID-19) according to § 9 of the 4th BayIfSMV and have developed an occupational safety concept for our employees during the pandemic.

The most important information for the resumption of training and use of the facilities according to § 9 of the 4th BayIfSMV in the Golfpark Munich Aschheim on May 11, 2020:

• Accessibility: Beginning on May 11, 2020, permission to use the facilities of the Golfpark München Aschheim is only possible if you have booked a tee time or a coaching session or have ordered a takeaway meal in our restaurant. This is the only way to ensure that we can provide a complete list of all people who have been to our facility, if required. The facility may be entered no more than 30 minutes prior your start time / 10 minutes prior to your coaching session and must be exited as soon as possible after the round or at the latest 30 minutes after your coaching session.
• Reservations: are possible beginning on Sunday, May 10, 2020, 9 a.m. both online and by phone up to 2 days in advance. This applies exclusively to members of GPMA. Guest players can only reserve on the same day and only on weekdays (Mon.-Fri. excluding public holidays) (exception: a member books for a guest).
• Tee Times: are provided daily from 6:56 until 19:00 in 4-person flights every 8 minutes from Tee 1. ATTENTION: Playing outside of these times is not permitted.
• Office Hours: Daily from 9:00-18:00.
• Minimum distance: It is absolutely necessary to maintain a minimum distance of 1.5m between two people on the entire property. Congregating and lingering on any seating is strictly prohibited.
• Mask requirement: The statutory mask requirement applies in all enclosed areas (Pro Shop, foyer, toilets, caddy box rooms). Please remember to bring your own mask with you, as there are no masks available on site at this time.
• Restaurant Greens: At Tee 9 (Dross & Schaffer Halfway Hut) drinks and sandwiches will be offered for the rest of the round starting at 12:00. Orders for after-round (take-away) can also be placed there.
• Golf carts / rental trolleys: are not currently available for rental. We will inform you about a resumption of the rental.
• Course: Pin flags are to stay permanently in the hole. Bunker rakes and ball washers have been removed. With a special device you can remove your ball without having to reach into the hole.
• Weather-related course closures: In the early Spring, ground frost may be experienced in the morning hours. As a result, there may be short-term playing restrictions in the morning.
• Driving range and practice facilities: Always keep a minimum distance of 1.5m. Only touch ball baskets and balls with gloves on. Only use your own balls at the short game practice facilities.
• Sanitary facilities: The changing rooms / showers remain closed. Toilets in the clubhouse and after Hole 9 are open.
• Golf lessons: Is possible again with up to 5 people (including golf instructor) while respecting the distance and hygiene rules. Contact our pros for reservations
• Youth training: Recommendations and guidelines for a possible resumption of youth training are currently being developed by the Bavarian Golf Association. It is still being clarified whether a resumption of youth training is possible, and if so, for which age groups and group sizes.
• Tournaments / EDS rounds: Tournaments / Official Matches are not permitted. Standard EDS rounds can be played. The adapted golf rules during the corona pandemic (based on the definition of the R&A), which have been translated and published by the German Golf Association, can be found here.
• Notices: Please follow all notice signs and keep to any marked routes on the course.
• All regulations in detail: IMPORTANT: We would appreciate it if you to print and sign these regulations and give it to our staff before your first visit. You can find these here (regulations on training operations).
• In General: It is imperative that you adhere to these relevant guidelines. We will be inspected by the authorities and, if disregarded, there is a risk of the course being closed again and civil penalties being administered. We will be strictly enforcing these regulations and will take immediate and decisive action, if necessary. In another area of Germany, a golf course was forced to close again because a group of members were sitting on seats and drinking beer together.


  1. Why aren’t start times assigned before 6:56? Experience from other reopened courses has shown that the demand for reopening was stronger than usual. It was nearly impossible for greenkeeping to maintain the course properly. We want to prevent this.
  2. Why is there no restriction in the form of, for example, „only.. one reservation per player every two days“? The new regulation allows flights of 4 players, so a restriction of this type is not necessary, since the in terms of player capacity things are nearly back to normal. On the contrary: there are no course closures for tournaments or groups at the moment and guest players are not allowed to book in advance. This means that the increase in demand to be expected after the corona break should be manageable.
  3. Can I get my golf equipment out of the Caddybox without a start time / coaching lesson? Yes, but you must register at the reception and are only allowed to collect your things and leave. Staying longer is prohibited.
  4. Can I come to the facility for shopping in the Pro Shop or for a membership consultation? We ask you to do this only in connection with a tee-time or coaching lesson. We would be happy to provide you with additional information by phone or e-mail.
  5. Does the distance control also apply to people living in the same household? Yes, we require all people to maintain the min. 1.5 Meter distance. It is not possible for our staff or for others, to know whether people are living in the same household.
  6. Are the cooperations still valid (e.g. MünchnerKreis, golf stars)? We are pleased that all Golfstars partner courses from the previous year are back and that the Golfstars membership can be acquired in addition to the regular membership for € 269. However, since all partner courses are busy with to the implementation of the Corona requirements and, like us, often prioritize their own members, there may be short-term restrictions. We will inform you as soon as we have more information about our partner courses.
  7. Why are no carts or trolleys being rented? In order to enable the highest possible hygiene protection, the Infection Protection Act provides that contact with objects is to be minimized as much as possible. Therefore, carts and rental trolleys cannot be rented for the time being. We are developing a concept that meets the strict requirements.
  8. Why were the ball washers and bunker rakes removed? When playing the course and in general on the entire property, as few foreign objects as possible should be touched.
  9. Do I have to wear a mask on the course or in the practice area? No, a mask requirement only applies in enclosed areas.
  10. Why should I sign the form? We have to ensure that every person entering the property has read and understood of the rules and code of conduct. In addition, printing and signing the requirements at home ensures that unnecessary points of contact are avoided.
  11. Why are block reservations for groups not possible? Here, too, the principle of absolute traceability and the stipulation of the 4th BayIfSMV § 9 apply, which only allows small groups of a maximum of 5 people.
  12. May I reserve in advance if I am a „Wenigspieler“? Yes, it is possible.
  13. Can I play with AschheimCard as a guest? Yes, but you can currently only make a reservation on the same day that you want to play, only members can reserve start times in advance.
  14. Can I collect my DGV ID card without a start time / coaching lesson? No, this is not possible for the time being. If you need it for a playing another course, your membership information can be accessed in every German golf club via the intranet, or by telephone.
  15. Can I clean my golf equipment after the round? No, all washing areas and the air pressure cleaner are closed until further notice.